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I’m finally going to tackle the comic book/story book project ISABEL this year, and have been encouraged by friends to start posting the concept sketches and character bios as the work progresses. First up, the latest illustration variants of the main character, Isabel Delacroix, with a summary of the first arc of the story and a rough character bio of 
the heroine:


theme song: 1,000,000 Died to Make This Sound by Thee Silver Mt. Zion

The biological father and adopted mother of a 13 year-old girl conspire to free their daughter from the bonds of mortality. Deals are made with devils, allegiances are tested, and the cost of immortality soon rises well beyond the soul of just one man. Isabel was born on the 12th day of the 3rd month of the 1,846th Year of MIRIAM. She will never die.


Isabel Delacroix serves as an emissary of MIRIAM. She was born in 1,846 Y.O.M. (Year of MIRIAM) but, at well over 200 years of age, has the appearance of a preadolescent teenager. Isabel is invincible and ageless, with speculation rising among the Old Men that she may truly be immortal. The only physical trait of Isabel that changes is the hair on her head, which she keeps in dreadlocks as it grows (her hair is 20 ft. long by 2,212 Y.O.M.).

Due to the weight of her hair and her inability to gain muscle strength, Isabel is almost always seen dressed in some variation of a nano-tech based body suit which helps her keep balance and move freely. The suit is comprised of 9 separate robots that are all, themselves, built of millions of nanite machines. Because of this, the robots (refered to as Apsaras) appear to flow and interlock to form armor and fabric around Isabel’s entire body, constantly shifting and adapting to aid her movement, increasing speed, strength, and coordination (also, Isabel’s hair does not naturally lock. The Nine Apsaras twist her hair into various styles of locks and braids every week, strand by strand).

Isabel’s senses are askew- she has no true sense of touch and very limited taste (note: she has no need to eat, breath, or sleep, but does these actions in the presence of others or to enjoy the act of dreaming). But she has excellent sight and hearing. Her sense of smell is normal but she herself gives off no detectable scent. 

The suit cannot physically link to Isabel’s nervous system, so she controls the applications of the suit through sheer will of thought via spiritual projection. In later years, she modifies the suit to include gloves with fingertips in order to feel surfaces and textures. It takes her close to ten years of daily meditation to be able to feel scolding hot water. Fifty years to feel the fabric of her bedsheets.

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conjure woman (SOUTH)
concept art for’s ISABEL project

conjure woman (SOUTH)

concept art for’s ISABEL project

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